Danish Signaling, Speed Boards

General use and appearance

The subject speed boards (danish: standsignaler) covers circular, triangular and square boards used for indication of speed restrictions and track barring. Such boards are erected next to the track, or in the middle of the track (barring only).

Every line has a prescribed speed limit which is not indicated further. Only restrictions - i.e. speed limits lower than the prescribed speed - are indicated by speed boards. Numbers on speed boards are to be interpreted as km/h.

Until 1958, speed boards would be illuminated at night unless they were indicating a permanent speed restriction. Since 1958 all boards have a reflective surface.

As the use of speed boards has changed significantly during this century, this section is structured according to the rule periods:

Warning boards 1903-1935
Speed and warning boards 1935-1944
Speed and warning boards 1944-1958
Speed and warning boards 1958-

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