Danish Signaling, Semaphore Signal Summary

Updated 051230

General appearance

Standard semaphore signals are equipped with one or more upper quadrant arms, significant when appearing to the right of the post. The shape of the arm(s) indicates the signal type as follows:

Circular disc: Main signal

Notch: Distant signal or auxiliary arm of main signal

Regular: Route signal

Colour of arms is usually red, providing the following general day and night appearance:

However,  the day appearance may be enhanced as necessary by colouring the arms differently and/or putting a board behind the signal:

Generally, the colour of the signal arm is insignificant. For certain semaphores, a specific colouring is prescribed - refer to detailed sections below.

Since 2002, semaphore signals are not used for ordinary traffic in Denmark. A few samples can be seen at museums and "vintage" lines.

This page describes types that have been in use from 1903:

Main Signals
Distant Signals
Route Signals
Shunting Signals
Platform Signals
Signals of private lines

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