Danish Signaling, Turnout and Derail Signals


Updated 981022

Ordinary turnouts
Single Slip Turnouts
Double Slip Turnouts
Ferry Turnouts
Derails etc.

All the following examples show the turnout signal(s) twice: as seen from the left and as seen from the right.

Although the examples only show one position of the turnout signal relative to the turnout, other positions are possible.

Ordinary Turnouts

The examples below show turnouts equipped with contemporary revolving lanterns. Colour-light signals are also possible as described in the main section.

Left-hand turnout

Right-hand turnout

Symmetric (Y) turnout

Single Slip Turnouts

Standard Single Slip Turnout with 2 separate controls

Double Slip Turnouts

Standard Double Slip Turnout with 2 separate controls

Instead of a movable-cover signal, a colour-light signal may be used as described in the main section.

Double Slip Turnout with 1 control

This type of turnout is is never used in interlocked areas, and is very rare nowadays.

Standard Double Slip Turnout operating as Catch Turnout

This arrangement is very rare nowadays.

Ferry Turnouts

3-position Ferry Turnout

Derails etc.


Straight Catch Turnout

Diverging Catch Turnout

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